Our performances

  • Blackbird

    Could the relationship between a 12-year-old girl and a 40-year-old man be considered anything else than a paedophilia? Could we call it love?
  • He and I

    God... God is a thought Besides, he has no beard only a mullet

    This gentle and funny puppet performance communicates the process of accepting the new and unknown things, and the importance of being open to changes.
  • I, LOVE, GOD

    “Amorality, or a more complicated morality, aims at the ultimate loyalty and overlooks and immediate and the literal one.” – A. Nin

    As the wings grow only when you meet a real prince.
  • Malenka

    This is perhaps the smallest circus troupe on the world: it consists of only two clowns and a cat.
  • Писмо некому

    Има едни деца што живеат зад жичената ограда небаре се тие виновни што во нивната татковина беснее војна. Има и други деца, кои, за среќа, за […]