About us

Buden Teatar is an independent theatre collective, based in Skopje, Macedonia, operating since 2008. The main focus of BudenTeatar is on reinforcing the development and growth of the local independent theatre scene, and stimulating inter-cultural exchange.

Buden Teatar produces theatre performances, organizes seminars for theatre professionals, creative workshops for children, and is the founder of the Fener- International puppet theatre festival. Buden Teatar produces performances for adults as well as for young audiences.

Our constant quest for authenticity, exploring uncharted theatrical territories, and prompting the reconsidering of social and political prejudices are one of the main attributes of our work for adult audiences.
When creating for children, we have some essential elements that we try to incorporate in our work: the play, the surprise, the interaction, and above all overcoming all limits of the imagination.

In the context of Macedonian society, young audiences are largely underestimated and targeted mostly for commercial reasons. We are making great efforts to reverse this wrong approach, and contribute towards the development of a child-friendly society where the importance of access to an intellectually and creatively stimulating cultural program is guaranteed to children of all ages. Our vision is implemented in our own work for and with children, as well as in the program of the Fener International Festival of Puppet Theatre Fener that we have been organizing since 2012.