International festival of puppetry FENER

Fener is an international festival of puppet theatre, the only one of its kind in Macedonia. It is initiated and organized by Buden Teatar, and it has had three successful editions so far.

Worldwide, puppetry is as constantly evolving art form, which results in broadening the perception of what is being referred to with the term “puppetry “nowadays. However, these progressive tendencies are barely reaching Macedonia, which is why we considered it of crucial importance to establish this festival that will support the flow of information about puppetry between the world and Macedonia.

 We envisioned the festival as a window to the innovative contemporary puppet theatre and a source of inspiration and learning new skills for the future generations of Macedonian puppeteers.
The main focus of the festival is on the children as an audience, aiming to offer them-high quality theatrical experiences, allowing them encounters with stories from different cultures, inspiring them, challenging them, and joining them on their journey of self-reflection or reflecting the world around them.
We strive to throw away the local saying that ‘Children are the best audience,’ and introduce, instead, the motto that ‘Children are the audience deserving of the best theatre.’

Our festival is a step forward in the direction of elevating the quality content of the cultural offer aimed at young audiences in Macedonia,contributing with its carefully selected programme separately targeting particular age groups.

The supporting activities of the festival are aimed at the development of children’s imagination,sparking their curiosity and stimulating them to new discoveries.With its training intended for theatre professionals, the festival invests in the future in which we envision Macedonian puppetry to have its own distinctive voice locally and internationally. The festival builds bridges between Macedonia and the rest of the world with the belief that the flow of creativity will go both ways.