He and I

March 12, 2009
January 12, 2012
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He and I

Boshko Bozadzievski was a poet and a good friend. When he left this world we decided to publish his poetry. The book is called “Inexhaustible”. Following to book publishing, we created a cabaret-performance based on his poetry, titled by one of his poems: “He and I”.

He and I


God is a thought

Besides, he has no beard

only a mullet

I love my god

desire him, even

although he’s sexless.

At the end of the day

I root for fellatio stimulation.

We went out a few times

we drank bourbon, wine, schnapps, mastika, ouzo,

cognac, vodka, martini,

a scotch and a beer.

We mixed it up.

He was alright

and I went to honorably barf

in the toilet

where I had a vision

that from my

cosmogonist vomit

the whole world is created anew

everything I’ve ever eaten or drunk

quickly began to eject

from my acidic soul

and I saw the new sky

and the new land

on the old tiles.

Immersed in creativity

I began to search and search

materials for the new man

but at that time:

“man, you need help”

I heard my friend


disappointed once again

as 2000 odd years ago


flipping me off

did something splendid

something magnificent

something he does best

he turned his back on me

and left

I watched through the window

his mullet fluttering

in the morning breeze

Boshko Bozadzievski

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