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August 1, 2009
July 12, 2016
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“Amorality, or a more complicated morality, aims at the ultimate loyalty and overlooks and immediate and the literal one.” – A. Nin

Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) is known as one of the first woman authors of erotic literature, however, she gained world popularity by publishing her journals, which span more than 60 years, beginning when she was 11 years old and ending shortly before her death. These journals, in her opinion, were a path to her inner freedom and self-discovery.

The performance is based upon the two uncensored journals of Anaïs Nin Henry and June and Incest. These journals cover the period of her life in which, while married, she simultaneously had an affair with the writer Henry Miller and his wife June and later also an incestuous relationship with her own father. The Anaïs Nin’s was a consciously conducted experiment of sorts, challenging all existing norms and exploring the limits and the consequences of freedom.

This is an authorial performance of Miliana Lenak, in which she transmits the pulsating energy of Anaïs by lending her own body, sensuality and presence, without attempting to play the character of Anaïs as a role. She plays it directly, as Anaïs is herself, as well as every other person in the audience, shamelessly involving them in resolving Anaïs’s inner conflicts, often by inviting them to play opposite her as partners on stage. However, the omnipresent partner of the actress is the music, composed of primarily two elements: human voices during sexual intercourse, and sounds of a typewriter.
This conceptual approach to the music is an attempt to portray the complex personality of Anaïs by its two dominating arches: her existence as a writer and her existence as a lover.

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