At FENER festival the premiere of ‘A letter to anyone’ took place. The performance is based on the stories of the Dutch author Toon Tellegenn, and contains video materials from the creative workshop “Video Letters” that Buden Teatar conducted simultaneously with the refugee children who are situated at T.C.Tabanovce, and the children from the primary school “Koco Racin”.

This project was a step towards surpassing the isolation in which the refugee children live by finding a creative way to connect them with the Macedonian children and to help them in developing their friendships despite the impossibility for direct meetings.

The project “Video letters” was financially supported by Civica Mobilitas, and was realized in partnership with SOS Children’s village, the Primary School “Koco Racin” from Skopje, and Kino Kultura, Skopje. Also, the project was morally supported by MTSP, CUK Kumanovo, and UNCHR.